Lolly Jar Circus

Lolly Jar Circus is an INCLUSIVE ARTS BODY. It does what all arts bodies should do – opens its arms as wide as it can to as many participants as possible, including those with physical or intellectual disabilities or socially at risk. Our logo says it all. Our wonderfully diverse participants are the “Lollies” in the Lolly Jar – all different shapes, sizes, colours and tastes. The lid is off the jar because they bounce happily and confidently out of our classes to their families, schools, work-places and other social situations, taking the benefits with them. In our classes, there are young people who are neuro-typical and settled along with others who have physical or intellectual disabilities or who are socially at risk. There is an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. It works and our safety record is exemplary.” – Lolly Jar Circus



Phone: 0435 828 443 (Judy, CEO)

Autism Sensory Awareness

Director of Autism Sensory Awareness

“My name is Bruce Meatheringham and  I want to expand awareness around autism sensory perception. I want people to understand its complexities with 20 different aspects affecting 7 sensors.

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Stuart Rutter Social Work Service

Director of Stuart Rutter Social Work Service

I provide a variety of social work services in Adelaide. As a qualified Social Worker since 2012, I use a strengths-based approach and have the experience to provide counselling services and support in the community. My aim is to help people to understand their problems and to teach them strategies for managing them. I provide NDIS supports to Agency Managed, Plan Managed and Self-Managed participants to give you choice and control in your life.

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Phone Number: 0417 095 101