The Makers

Charlie Stone

Director at Lycansoap

Charlie, or ‘the Adelaide Soap Baron’, is a self-made success. He’s the man behind his artisan soap brand, Lycansoap. Charlie’s quick wit, charm and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to create a strong reputation for his brand and secure himself as the true baron of soap.

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LycanSoap Rundown with Charlie Soap

Stoly Mercer

Director of Stoly’s Creations

Stoly makes things fun. She doesn’t limit herself to one type of craft; she’s always trying to create something different. Stoly has a number of bespoke earrings and necklaces on our RED Store. You’ll never see an end to her creativity.

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Carol Robinson

Director at House of Needleworks

Carol is committed to craft. Her enterprise, House Of Needleworks, is focused on producing wholesome, artisan products made by hand. Carol has a high standard for her work. She wants people to respect the prowess involved in creating her bags, scarves, socks, and so much more. She provides her own materials if you want to use them yourself for your own craft.

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Melissa Kirkman

Director at Kirkman By Melissa Kirkman

This is the story of Melissa Kirkman; a tale of how she transcended her disability to create this special shop. It is the imagination of one special girl, manifesting her own creations whether it be clothing, art and other things.
There is no limit to what she can do.

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