The Accessible Marketplace is an initiative of the Rapid Enterprise Development (RED) program.

RED exists to support people with lived experience of disability to start up and run their own enterprises. Because access to potential customers is key to running a successful enterprise, we thought the creation of an Accessible Marketplace where entrepreneurs with disability can showcase, display and sell their products and services would be a really useful resource.

…And because a market can either be virtual or in-person, we decided to do both!

We hold our in person Accessible Marketplace every quarter at The Healthy Living Precinct. To find out more about the in-person market and how to become a stall holder click here.

On this website, you’ll find the virtual/online version of the Accessible Marketplace. Here, customers brows and purchase goods and services created by entrepreneurs with a disability. Becoming an online vendor is easy, straightforward, and free of charge. To find out more about becoming an online vendor click here.