Melissa from Kirkman by Melissa Kirkman and Minister David Pisoni

Welcome to the Accessible Marketplace.

A store run for and by entrepreneurs who have a lived disability.

What We Are About

The Accessible Marketplace is an initiative of the Rapid Enterprise Development (RED) program.

RED exists to support people with lived experience of disability to start up and run their own enterprises. Because access to potential customers is key to running a successful enterprise, we thought the creation of an Accessible Marketplace where entrepreneurs with disability can showcase, display and sell their products and services would be a really useful resource.


We offer an in person market to sell and showcase your products or services. Due to the success of our past events we will be holding another market later this year. Check out below to see when our next upcoming market is today. You will not want to miss it.

The Makers

Our makers have the opportunity to sell their products from our website. Get to know the makers today by checking out the link below. Learn out more about their story and find out how they began the development of their products. 

Becoming a Vendor

Do you want to showcase your items or service on our Accessible Market online store? We would love to have you! Our online store is free (we don’t take a cut) for anyone living with disability who wants to display, sell and showcase their products and services. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has just started up their own enterprise.